SEEDS - “Substance of circular Economy concept as Efficacious Determinant for the development of Successful entrepreneurship”, a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, has released the second newsletter.

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Marquès M, Correig E, Ibarretxe D, Anoro E, Arroyo JA, Jericó C, Borrallo RM, Miret M, Näf S, Pardo A, Perea V, Pérez-Bernalte R, Ramírez-Montesinos R, Royuela M, Soler C, Urquizu-Padilla M, Zamora A, Pedro-Botet J on behalf of the STACOV-XULA research group, Masana L, Domingo JL. Long-term exposure to PM10 above WHO guidelines exacerbates COVID-19 severity and mortality. Environ. Int. 2022, 158:106930.
Esther Capdevila and Eva Gargallo, students of Human Nutrition and Dietetics Bachelor supervised by Dr. Montse Marquès, won the "Sant Lluc" Prize to the best bachelor thesis of the academic course 2020-2021.
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The virtual conference of the national network of river ecosystems: challenges and future strategies organized by IBER-AQUA will be held on 24-25 November 2021.

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TecnATox will participate in the European Researcher's Night with the workshop entitled: "Hunters of microplastics".

This activity will be held on September 24 in Corsini Square (Tarragona) and will be conducted by Nora Expósito, Lara Dronjak, Dr. Roberta Carafa and Dr. Joaquim Rovira.

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Rodríguez de Dios N, Couñago F, Murcia-Mejía M, Rico-Oses M, Calvo-Crespo P, Samper P, Vallejo C, Luna J, Trueba I, Sotoca A, Cigarral C, Farré N, Manero RM, Durán X, Gispert JD, Sánchez-Benavides G, Rognoni T, Torrente M, Capellades J, Jiménez M, Cabada T, Blanco M, Alonso A, Martínez-San Millán J, Escribano J, González B, López-Guerra JL.. Randomized Phase III Trial of Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation With or Without Hippocampal Avoidance for Small-Cell Lung Cancer (PREMER): A GICOR-GOECP-SEOR Study. J Clin Oncol. 2021 Aug 11:JCO2100639. doi: 10.1200/JCO.21.00639. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 34379442.
On September 13, at the "Centre de Lectura" of Reus, at 6 pm, Dr. Margarita Torrente Torné, professor of the Department of Psychology - Psychobiology Area - URV and researcher of Tecnatox will perform a talk entitled: "CAN ALZHEIMER BE PREVENTED?"

You invite you to find out more details on the talk and check out the following press release.

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