Recently, the role of TECNIO centres - as TecnATox - has been recognized in the "Pacte del Coneixement" (Knowledge Pact).

You can read the full press release here.

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González N, Marquès M, Nadal M, Domingo JL. Meat consumption: Which are the current global risks? A review of recent (2010–2020) evidences. Food Res. Int. 137, 109341.
Prof. Domingo, director of TecnATox, has been interviewed by La República. You can read the full interview by clicking on this news.
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Coinciding with the midpoint of the EASIMS project, the seven European entities that make up the consortium meet to discuss the objectives and activities to be carried out during the year 2020.

You can read the EASIMS Newsletter of the third meeting by clicking on this news.

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María Ángeles Martínez, PhD candidate of the Environmental Risks area, defended successfully her doctoral thesis the last 25th May.

Title: "Endocrine disruption assessment: exposure, biomonitoring and potential activity of widespread endocrine disruptors during pregnancy and early stages of life".

Supervisors: Prof. Marta Schuhmacher, Dr. Joaquim Rovira, Dr. Vikas Kumar.

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