Attending the Global Neuropsychological Congress in Porto

Posted on 08-07-2024


The Global Neuropsychological Congress was held from July 3rd to 5th in Porto, Portugal. Some of the most important figures in neuropsychology, such as Barbara Wilson, Antonio Damasio, and Jon Evans, participated in this congress.

Dr. Margarita Torrente, Dr. Luis Heredia, and Ms. Nerea Carrión, researchers of the Neuropsychology and Emotions Area of the Laboratory of Toxicology and Environmental Health attended the conference as representatives of TecnATox. Nerea Carrión presented the poster entitled "Connections Beyond Cognition: A Comprehensive Study of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms, Emotional State, Life Stressors, and Lifestyle in the Elderly", where she highligthed some results from the DEM-BIOTA project.