Last Friday, July 5, TecnATox celebrated the PhD Day. In this event, PhD students had the opportunity to present the advances of their research. Up to 11 oral communications and 13 posters were presented. The Best Oral Presentation Award and the Best Poster Award were given to Fabiola Consuelo García Reyes and Erika Amparo Torres Reyes, respectively.

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Tecnatox researchers received the Joan Pedrerol Prize awarded by the URV Social Council, in its Ex Ante mode, for the social impact of their research. The BeHFoD project, promoted by the NuMeH group, in collaboration with the Lerin Neruocognitive Institute, the Dementia Unit of the Sant Joan de Reus University Hospital, the Neurology Service of the Joan XXIII University Hospital and the IDIAP Foundation -Jordi Gol will implement a nutritional and lifestyle support program to improve the health and well-being of people with dementia and their carers.


This program will be deployed at three levels: the assessment of nutritional status and the identification of points for improvement; activities adapted to the cognitive state of the patients and a program of playful and educational activities personalized by the carers. In addition to the health benefits, the program aims to achieve greater empowerment of people with cognitive impairment and their carers, working on food and lifestyle aspects, often less represented in these collectives in which other aspects, such as cognitive stimulation, functional independence and emotional balance especially in caregivers, are taken into consideration.

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Last week, the General Assembly of Xartec Salut approved the incorporation of two new groups of TecnATox: Nutrition and Metabolic Health (NuMeH) and the Laboratory of Toxicology and Environmental Health (LTSM). It means that up to 4 research groups of our Center will participate in the network, as Intelligent Technologies for Advanced Knowledge Acquisition (ITAKA) and Nutrigenomics (NTG) were already members of Xartec Salut.


The Xartec Salut network, led by CREB UPC, is made up of more than 80 research groups that belong to 23 different institutions. It aims to be a catalyst for R+D+I in the field of HealthTech by fostering the exchange of knowledge between research groups, institutions, hospitals and companies, promoting company creation and new career opportunities, and offering more efficient instruments for technology transfer.

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The Global Neuropsychological Congress was held from July 3rd to 5th in Porto, Portugal. Some of the most important figures in neuropsychology, such as Barbara Wilson, Antonio Damasio, and Jon Evans, participated in this congress.

Dr. Margarita Torrente, Dr. Luis Heredia, and Ms. Nerea Carrión, researchers of the Neuropsychology and Emotions Area of the Laboratory of Toxicology and Environmental Health attended the conference as representatives of TecnATox. Nerea Carrión presented the poster entitled "Connections Beyond Cognition: A Comprehensive Study of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms, Emotional State, Life Stressors, and Lifestyle in the Elderly", where she highligthed some results from the DEM-BIOTA project.

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Two researchers of TecnATox, Dr. Jordi Sierra and Dr. Joaquim Rovira, were invited by the Catalan Food Safety Agency (ACSA) as speakers for the XI Workshop of Risk Assessment in the Food Chain.


This year, the event was focused on the presence of microplastics in food, an emerging risks for the whole population. Dr. Sierra's presentation was entitled Microplastics as emerging pollutants: Environmental behavior and health effects, while Dr. Rovira talked about the Analysis and characterization of microplastics in bivalves cultivated in Catalonia: Effect of the debugging process.


The workshop was held in the meeting room of the Salvany building (Public Health Agency of Catalonia) last June 19.

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Recently, several PhD students of TecnATox are receiving awards after their presentations in PhD Days. After Shubh Sharma's success at the ETSEQ Doctoral Day, Nil Novau Ferré has achieved the second award for the best oral short communication at the IISPV PhD Day, held on June 6 at URV's Faculty of Medicine.

His presentation, entitled Exploring the Gut-Brain Axis: Nutritional Modulation of the Microbiota in ADHD and ASD, demonstrates significant differences in gut microbiota between children with ADHD and ASD, identifying specific bacterial taxa associated with each condition. These findings, derived from a collaboration between the Nutrisam and NuMeH research groups, suggest that probiotic supplementation could be a promising therapeutic avenue by modifying the gut microbiota composition.

Congratulations, Nil!

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