Our colleague Judit Biosca defended her doctoral thesis on March 27th,  at Facultat de Medicina i Ciències de la Salut, Reus. The thesis is entitled Influence of prenatal chlorpyrifos exposure, APOE genotype and sex on neurodevelopmental disorders: behavioral and biochemical abnormalities in mice, and it has been supervised by Dr. Teresa Colomina and Dr. Maria Cabré.

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Prof. Mònica Bulló, current director of the Nutrition and Metabolic Health Research Group (NuMeH) and co-director of TecnATox, has received the ICREA Acadèmia 2022 award, a prestigious distinction given by Generalitat de Catalunya. The ICREA Acadèmia programme offers research intensification grants to outstanding university professors who already hold permanent positions in the Catalan research system and are in an expanding phase of their careers. Only 4 URV researchers have been awarded in 2022, so 14 URV researchers currently own this award, whose programme was started in 2008.

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As part of the celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, several researchers of TecnATox participated in a number of dissemination events to promote and highlight the fundamental role of women and girls in science.

Dr. Montse Marquès and Jordina Balaguer did their respective talks in two schools in Reus: Escola General Prim and Escola Prat de la Riba, respectively. In turn, Ana Teresa González talked in front of the students of Escola Sant Jaume in Bràfim, while Melina Rojas did a videoconference for the students of Escola Les Pinediques (Taradell).

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Gutiérrez-Martín D, Marquès M, Pons-Escoda A, Vidal N, Bruna J, Restrepo-Montes E, López-Serna R, García-Sayago F, Majos C, Gago-Ferrero P, Gil-Solsona R. Tumoral and normal brain tissue extraction protocol for wide-scope screening of organic pollutants. Methods X, 2023, 10: 102069.
Biosca-Brull J, Guardia-Escote L, Basaure P, Cabré M, Blanco J, Pérez-Fernández C, Sánchez-Santed F, Domingo JL, Colomina MT. Exposure to chlorpyrifos during pregnancy differentially affects social behavior and GABA signaling elements in an APOE- and sex-dependent manner in a transgenic mouse model. Environ Res. 2023: 115461
Beatriu de Pinós application process is open and we are looking for excellent candidates to apply for in any Area of TecnATox (Toxicology, Environment and Food). If you are willing to become a high level post-doc, do not hesitate to contact us.
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Again, TecnATox will be fully committed with the celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (February 11). Several of our researchers will be involved in a number of activities to promote full and equal access to and participation in science for women and girls. These activities take place in the framework of the 100tifiques event, organized by the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation and the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology. At 11 am there will be simultaneous talks to give visibility to women in science.

Up to 60% of TecnATox staff members are women, being very well represented among scientists, technical staff and management team. We are proud to say that our Technological Center is co-directed by two women (Dr. Mònica Bulló and Dr. Montse Marquès). Furthermore, most of the SGR groups which compose TecnATox are also led by women.

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