I-BREATH: Environmental contaminants a real challenge for childhood and elderly: the link between inflammation and behavioral outcomes

Diabetic retinopathy diagnosis and screening from eye fundus images

PARC: European Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals

DISCERN: A customised DIgital Space to Foster Circular Economy EntrepReNeurship with SMEs

PETRO: impact of the petrochemical complex of Tarragona on human health

INSULIN: INformation on endocrine diSrUptors and the deveLopment of gestatIoNal diabetes mellitus - a mobile app

PETRO-Fertyl: Assessing the impact of the Petrochemical complex of Tarragona on male infertility

PESTICIDE: Dietary exposure to pesticides: transition from a conventional to an organic diet

SEEDS: Substance of circular Economy concept as Efficacious Determinant for the development of Successful entrepreneurship

INSPECTION: IN Situ device for Pollutants dEteCTion In cOntiNuos

SPRINT: Sustainable Plant Protection Transition

IBERAQUA-NET: Ecosystems, pollution and hydrological processes

EarlyCLOTHES: Early-life exposure to chemicaL substances through textile materials: Health risk assessment

DEM-BIOTA: DEMentias and microBIOTA composition: Microbiota in dementias. Is possible to revert the dementia symptoms reverting the microbiota composition?

IN-NOVAPlastics. INNOVAtive tools for the quantification of and micro and nano-Plastics in environmental samples

AiguaBCN: The first map of the quality of tap water in Barcelona

ANDCOM-4.0: didactic approaches in duty of developing ANDragog’s COMpetences

FlameRISK: Sources, exposure and health risk to legacy and emerging flame retardants in Spanish indoor environments. An integrated health risk approach.

SafePLASTICs: Environmental safety assessment of micro- nanoplastics for ecosystem protection

HBM4EU: Human Biomonitoring for Europe

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