Open Project for European Radiation Research Area

POPLAIR: Optimising the use of lichens as biomonitors of atmospheric PAHs

MALGARES: MicroALGAe-based RESearchExploring the feasibility of microalgae-based pollutantdetection kits

ALEXNEXT Alexandrium analysis by Next-Generation Sequencing

ULTRAPAR: Assessing the exposure and health effects of ambient fine and ultrafine particles in areas of intensive industrial activity

Exposure assessment and risk characterization of pregnant women and their ongoing birth cohort to environmental endocrine disruptors (EDs)

PBPK/PD modeling of bisphenol A and its analogues: The mixture approach

INTERWASTE: Synergising International Research Studies into the Environmental Fate and Behaviour of Toxic Organic Chemicals in the Waste Stream

Nou programa d’obtenció de dades analítiques d’immissió relatives a la Planta Incineradora de Residus Urbans del Camp de Tarragona (...) pel que fa a dioxines i metalls

Risk of exposure to uranium during gestation: Influence of stress

Avaluació de riscos sobre la salut per metalls i compostos organoclorats a l’àrea de la incineradora de Sant Adrià del Besòs

Study on mobility of heavy metals, organochlorines and radionuclides in the Flix reservoir and its ability to accumulate in food chains (MOBITROF)

Development of a model for the assessment and quantify the origin of the emissions of metal and pollutants (PCDD/Fs, PCBs, PCNs and PAHs): application to environmental

Design a program to prevent health risks to workers composting plant of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste by exposure to microbial and chemical contaminants

Monitoring the environmental impact and assessment of potential risks to the health of the population in the vicinity of hazardous deposit of residues Can Pala (Castellolí)

Emerging POPs. Environmental risk assessment and associated sanitary sludge from purification plants management

Environmental impact and health risks after the partial substitution of regular fuel with alternative fuels. Factory the Horts Sant Vincenç, Barcelona

Environmental monitoring and risk assessment on the population by the emissions of heavy metals and dioxins in the vicinity of the cement plant of Vallcarca, Barcelona

Assessment model of rivers with important environmental of pollutants cargas

Monitoring the levels of dioxins and furans, metals, and particles of diameter less than 10 microns in the potential influence of the Montcada i Reixac cement plant

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