The mission of TecnATox is to carry out research and development in the area of environmental and food protection at an European level, as well as to satisfy, from the University, the needs of the administration and the productive sectors, through actions of knowledge and technology transference, aiming to improve health and life quality of the population, to protect the environment and health protection. TecnATox is a specialized research center in the area of Technology Transfer in Toxicology, Food and Environmental Health, and member of the TECNIO Network of ACC1Ó.


The research group is located in different Schools at the “Rovira i Virgili” University, in Catalonia (NE Spain). The main office is at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences (Reus), but some team members work at the Chemical Engineering School as well as at the School of Educational Sciences and Psychology, both in Tarragona.


The Laboratory of Toxicology and Environmental Health (LTSM) was created in 1985 and nowadays, it has highly-qualified research and technical members with large experience, on the study of development and industrial implementation about a high variety of services. In 2008, the LTSM became into the Center of Environmental, Food and Toxicological Technology (TecnATox) in addition, started to be a new member of IT network; that center provides support in technological innovation, now called TECNIO.


TecnATox has infrastructures and suitable equipment for the appropriate development of all its projects: equipped laboratories, most updated versions of simulation softwares, environmental databases, etc. Professionalism and confidentiality are guaranteed in all activities, information and profit.