Environmental monitoring and risk assessment on the population by the emissions of heavy metals and dioxins in the vicinity of the IRSU of Mataro, Barcelona.

Environmental monitoring and assessment of potential risks to the health of the population in the vicinity of the CEMEX cement plant, Alcanar

Development of a program of scientific and technical training and strengthening environmental laboratory to improve the management of water quality in rivers heavily polluted Colombians

Environmental impact assessment for microbiological and chemical contaminants in Ecopark

Risk-based management of chemicals and products in a circular economy at a global scale (RISKCYCLE)

Environmental Studies for Asco Nuclear

Benefits and risks of food intake in the prevention of childhood obesity

Environmental management tool for risk assessment in watersheds.

Follow-up of the chemical pollution in the surroundings of the industrial complex of Camp de Tarragona

Determination of concentrations of heavy metals, dioxins and dibenzofurans in the physical and biotic environments of the area under influence of special waste incineration plant in Tarragona

Cognitive and Cerebrovascular Effects Induced by Low Dose Ionising Radiation.

Total Diet Study Exposure

Extensive literature search on the bioavailability of selected trace elements in animal nutrition: incompatibilities and interactions

ISPAL: Integrated Science and Policy Analysis tool for Land management and climate smart

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