Dr. Karri, invited speaker for an ETSEQ Multidisciplinary Seminar

Posted on 01-09-2022

Dr. Venkatanaidu Karri, former researcher of TecnATox, was invited as a speaker for the Multidisciplinary Seminar Program by ETSEQ in May 2022. The title of his presentation was "Toxicological Risk Assessment of Medical Devices: An industry perspective".

Dr. Karri is currently a Biosafety Specialist at Coloplast A/S Global Med Tech Company, Copenhagen-Denmark. His current role at Coloplast A/S as a Biosafety Specialist focuses on writing safety assessment reports of medical devices as per EU, and FDA regulatory compliance, REACH Chemical Compliance assessment documentation, and stakeholder management. He performed his PhD between 2015 and 2018 at TecnATox, under the supervision of Prof. Marta Schuhmacher and Dr. Vikas Kumar. His dissertation focused on the “metal mixtures neurotoxicity using proteomics approach”. After his PhD, he worked as a Post-doctoral Researcher at Karolinska Institute (KI) Sweden (2019-2021) and Maastricht University (2018-2019) – The Netherlands.