Mari M, Rovira J, Sánchez-Soberón F, Nadal M, Schuhmacher M, Domingo JL. Partial replacement of fossil fuels in a cement plant: Assessment of human health risks by metals, metalloids and PCDD/Fs.Environ Res. 2018 Jul 19;167:191-197. doi: 10.1016/j.envres.2018.07.014.

Sakamoto M, Tatsuta N, Chan HM, Domingo JL, Murata K, Nakai K. Brain methylmercury uptake in fetal, neonate, weanling, and adult rats. Environ Res. 2018 Jul 5;167:15-20. doi: 10.1016/j.envres.2018.06.038.

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Prof. Josep Lluís Domingo has recently been interviewed in betevé. He talked about the high concentrations of dioxins reported in the surroundings of the municipal waste incinerator located in Sant Adrià del Besos (Barcelona). He asks for immediate measures to reduce the emissions of dioxins in the aforementioned facility, which were found up to 2.3 times the acceptable threshold.

You can watch the full interview in the following link.

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Marquès M, Nadal M, Díaz-Ferrero J, Schuhmacher M, Domingo JL. Concentrations of PCDD/Fs in the neighborhood of a hazardous waste incinerator: human health risks. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2018) doi: 10.1007/s11356-018-2685-8

Sharma RP, Schuhmacher M, Kumar V. Development of a human physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPL) model for phthalate (DEHP) and its metabolites: a bottom up modeling approach. Toxicology Letters (2018) doi: 10.1016/j.toxlet.2018.06.1217

Sánchez-Soberón F, Cuykx M, Serra N, Linares V, Bellés M, Covaci A, Schuhmacher M.  In-vitrometabolomics to evaluate toxicity of particulate matter under environmentally realistic conditions. Chemosphere (2018) doi: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2018.06.065

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The doctoral programme in Nanosciences, Materials and Chemical Engineering organises a day in which doctoral students have the opportunity to discuss their work and have it evaluated by a prestigious panel of experts during a platform and a poster exhibition sessions.

The TecnATox member María Ángeles Martínez presented her work in the platform session, which was entitled: "Comparing dietary and non-dietary source contribution of BPA and DEHP to prenatal exposure: A Catalonia (Spain) case study".

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Dr. Jaume Folch, researcher in TecnATox, has recently published his third book entitled "El naufragi dels records. Què hi ha darrere de malalties com l'Alzheimer?" (The shipwreck of memories. What is behind Alzheimer disease?).

The book is about how the new advances in the understanding of the disease allow us to determine the origin and to influence on their prevention through diet or physical exercise, among others. You can find more information in the URV digital press release.

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TecnATox celebrated the annual workshop and strategic plan meeting on May 31 in the School of Medicine and Health Science.
PhD students presented their project thesis during the first half of the morning. After the coffee break, the strategic plan meeting was carried out. Upcoming objectives of the group were discussed and actions were defined.
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Dr. Francisco Sánchez-Soberón, postdoctoral researcher in TecnATox, gave a talk in the Department of Toxic Substances Control of California EPA last Wednesday 23rd May.

The presentation was entitled: "Assessment of human health risks and toxicity associated to particles (10, 2.5, and 1), organic pollutants, and heavy metals nearby cement plants".

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Dr. Francisco García, forensic doctor and researcher of the Toxicology area of TecnATox, has been awarded with "Creu de Sant Ramon de Penyafort".

You can read the full press release in the following link.

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Prof. Josep Lluís Domingo, Prof. Marta Schuhmacher, Dr. Joaquim Rovira and María Ángeles Martínez are attending to SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting, which is held in Rome from 13 to 17 May. They are presenting the following research findings:

TU393 Sánchez-Soberón F, Noardo F, Mari M, Kumar V, Schuhmacher M. Good news to lazybones kids: increasing sleeping time decreases exposure to airborne particulate matter.

TU392 Sánchez-Soberón, Rovira J, Sierra J, Schuhmacher M. How risky is the schoolyard? An approach from chemical composition of particulate matter.

TU389 Sánchez-Soberón, Serra N, Linares V, Bellés M, Schuhmacher M. Toxicity of airborne particulate matter as a factor to choose the most convenient school.

WE244 Marquès M, Mari M, Nadal M, Schuhmacher M, Domingo JL.  Nothing is what it seems: Levels of PCDD/Fs in the surroundings of a hazardous waste incinerator.

TH075 Martínez Rodríguez M, Sharma RP, Nadal M, Kumar V, Schuhmacher M. Dietary and non-dietary prenatal exposure to endocrine disruptors (BPA and DEHP). Spanish case study.

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