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Carafa R, Expósito Lorenzo N, Sierra Llopart J, Kumar V, Schuhmacher M. Characterization of river biofilm responses to the exposure with heavy metals using a novel micro fluorometer biosensor. Aquat Toxicol. 2021, 105732
Aschner M, Paoliello M, Tsatsakis A, Bowman AB, Dorea JG, Hartung T, Domingo JL, Barbosa F Jr. Social Injustice in Environmental Health: A Call for Fortitude.. Environ Res. 2020 Dec 26:110675. doi: 10.1016/j.envres.2020.110675.
Guardia-Escoté L, Blanco J, Basaure P, Biosca-Brull J, Verkaik-Schakel RN, Cabré M, Peris-Sampedro F, Pérez-Fernández C, Sánchez-Santed F, Plösch T, Domingo JL, Colomina MT. Sex and Exposure to Postnatal Chlorpyrifos Influence the Epigenetics of Feeding-Related Genes in a Transgenic APOE Mouse Model: Long-Term Implications on Body Weight after a High-Fat Diet . Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2020 Dec 29;18(1):E184. doi: 10.3390/ijerph18010184.
Aschner M, Paoliello MMB, Domingo JL, Spandidos DA, Mally A, Wallace HM, Rakitskii VN, Hartung T, Tsatsakis A. When the boundaries between science and politics are blurred. Toxicol Rep. 2020, 7:1607
Barile FA, Berry SC, Blaauboer B, Boobis A, Bolt H, Borgert CJ, Dekant W, Dietrich D, Domingo JL, Gori GB, Greim H, Hengstler J, Kacew S, Marquardt H, Pelkonen O, Savolainen K, Heslop-Harrison P, Tsatsakis A, Vermeulen NP. Critique of the "Comment" etitled "Pyrethroid exposure: not so harmless after all" by Demeneix et al. (2020) published in The Lancet Diabetes Endocrinology. . Toxicol Lett. 2021 Jan 4:S0378-4274(20)30527-0.

Dr. Montse Marquès was invited to participate in the weekly seminars organized by the Chemical Engineering Department of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili.

Today she presented INSULIN project, the TecnioSpring Industry fellowship that will start in March 2021 in collaboration with Antwerp University, AquaTT and Hospital Universitari de Tarragona Joan XXIII.

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Aschner M, Paoliello MMB, Domingo JL, Spandidos DA, Mally A, Wallace HM, Rakitskii VN, Hartung T, Tsatsakis A. When the boundaries between science and politics are blurred. Toxicol Rep. 2020, 7:1607
Farsalinos K, Poulas K, Kouretas D, Vantarakis A, Leotsinidis M, Kouvelas D, Docea AO, Kostoff R, Gerotziafas GT, Antoniou MN, Polosa R, Barbouni A, Yiakoumaki V, Giannouchos TV, Bagos PG, Lazopoulos G, Izotov BN, Tutelyan VA, Aschner M, Hartung T, Wallace HM, Carvalho F, Domingo JL, Tsatsakis A. Improved strategies to counter the COVID-19 pandemic: Lockdowns vs. Primary and Community Healthcare. Toxicol. Rep. In press.
Ventura D, Heredia L, Torrente T, Vicens P. Automated Emotional Facial Expression Assessment and Emotional Elicitation through Film Clip Stimuli. Stud Psychol 2020, 62:350-363

Dr. Roser Esplugas will present "És segur l'aire que respirem a casa?" (Is it safe the air that we breath at home?) and the FlameRISK project (Funded by the Spanish Minestry of Science, Innovation and Universities (RTI2018-095466-B-I00)) in the European Resarchers' Night, which will be held - virtually - next Friday afternoon.

You can follow the divulgative talks on this link:

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En el proyecto HBM4EU se ha elaborado una encuesta para conocer qué saben y piensan los ciudadanos de la UE sobre la exposición a compuestos químicos y la biomonitorización humana, así como cuáles son sus necesidades, preocupaciones y dudas sobre este tema.

La encuesta se ha traducido a todos los idiomas de los países participantes en HBM4EU y lleva unos 15 minutos completarla. La podéis encontrar en el siguiente enlace:

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Kolodkin AN, Sharma RP, Colangelo AM, Ignatenko A, Martorana F, Jennen D, Briedé JJ, Brady N, Barberis M, Mondeel TDGA, Papa M, Kumar V, Peters B, Skupin A, Alberghina L, Balling R, Westerhoff HV. ROS networks: designs, aging, Parkinson’s disease and precision therapies. npj Syst Biol Appl 2020, 6:34

Prof. Domingo will talk about contaminated soils in "Escarabajo Verde" (TVE2) tomorrow, Friday 20th November, at 18.10PM in Catalonia, and at 18:35PM in Spain.

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The Port Tarragona Opinion Space, a new communication channel open to the participation of civil society, was born and TecnATox is in.

The working group is made up of about twenty people representing the social and cultural fabric of the city of Tarragona and the territory. It is aimed at establishing a permanent and open communication to improve the relationship and connection with the environment of the Port.

You invite you to read the full press release.

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