TecnATox future is in good hands

Posted on 20-10-2023

In October 2023, Stanford University updated the science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators. These databases includes the list of most relevant researchers worldwide, according to citations in 2022. Universitat Rovira i Virgili was ranked as the third university in Spain and Catalonia, with TecnATox as the URV research center with more investigators.


The report includes a double analysis: on one hand, it takes into account the activity of the last year (citations received in 2022) and, on the other, data from the entire academic career (citations received until 2022). In the first case, the 2 former co-Directors of TecnATox, Prof. José Luis Domingo and Prof. Marta Schuhmacher, were ranked in the 1st and 16th positions. Additionally, Prof. Mònica Bulló, current co-director of our institution was also included as the 14th most influential researcher according to the number of accumulated citations in 2022


Furthermore, all of them were also included in the ranking according to the number of citations received in 2022, a list which also adds Dr. Montse Marquès, co-director of TecnATox and current Marie Curie Research Fellow at Columbia University (New York).


As abovementioned, TecnATox is the URV technological center with the highest rate of researchers: 4 in the fist list and 5 in the second one, as Dr. Martí Nadal has been also ranked there (21st and 15th, respectively)


The conclusion is clear: the fact that not only the former co-directors of TecnATox but also the current ones are in the databases of standardized citation indicators is a clear indication that TecnATox future is in good hands.