Seminar - Big data in human health risk assessment: a curse or cure?

Posted on 21-05-2020

Dr. Vikas Kumar, director of Systems Toxicology area of TecnATox, has been invited by ISGlobal to do a virtual seminar.
Title: Big data in human health risk assessment: a curse or cure?
Big Data is a broad term for large data sets arriving from multiple sources with typological and structural complexities that presents integrational, analytical, and visualization challenges to extract meaningful information. In the human health risk assessment, the amount of data is exploding from HTS to biosensors, large scale biomonitoring to multigenerational individual and population-based studies. Scientists can use it to develop targeted treatments for old and emerging medical conditions. Governments are asset rich with massive data fields with the opportunity to design better policies and governance. However, Big data often touted as the new oil, can face the same fate as the oil curse? The scattered and massive “Big Data” captures the opportunities as well as challenges in accessing, integrating, managing, analyzing, and finally, finding meaningful information.  In this talk, I will present the current perspective and challenges of Big Data research in the transdisciplinary field of human health risk assessment with some examples of the current pandemic of COVID-19 as well.

When? May 29 at 9:30am