Female scientists promoting women's voice

Posted on 22-11-2023


Prof Aïda Valls, who recently received the DonaTIC 2023 Award, was also invited to the Round Table "Amb Veu de Dona", an event organized by SER Tarragona to make Tarragona women visible who are leaders in different fields.

Port of Tarragona was the scene of several debates in which women from different economical sectors participated, who for more than two hours talked about inequality, wage gap, the lack of female references and the need to promote global policies to reverse certain realities.

The presence of women in the industrial sector is only 28%. This was the starting point of the first round table, which co-chaired Prof. Aïda Valls together with Mercè Puig, general secretary of CCOO Tarragona, and Anna Navarro, head of strategy, quality and innovation at Port of Tarragona. They talked about the sorority, the empowerment to be on the front line or the incentives and workshops held in schools to encourage scientific and technological vocations.