Dr. Jaume Folch discusses the Establishment of Three Marine Reserves on the Tarragona Coast in Diari de Tarragona

Posted on 22-01-2024

Restoring marine biodiversity in the coastline of Tarragona is a pending task for a city with nearly 15 kilometers of coastline. Previous initiatives have focused on the Miracle beach, where experimental biotopes were submerged three years ago, yielding better-than-expected results with the discovery of over 280 species, including octopuses and squid eggs. Building on this success, TecnATox proposes creating three "boxes" of approximately 200 to 250 meters in length, encompassing the coastal area beyond buoy zones. The goal is to establish regulations preventing recreational fishing and boat mooring in this space, accompanied by a plan to recover a marine ecosystem showing signs of degradation.

The complete article can be read at: https://www.diaridetarragona.com/tarragona/la-urv-propone-generar-tres-reservas-marinas-en-la-costa-de-tarragona-MD18289342