Several TecnATox research groups receive recognition by AGAUR

Posted on 24-01-2023

The Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR) has published the Proposal for the provisional resolution of SGR-Cat 2021 to support the scientific activity of research groups in Catalonia. We are pleased to inform that all TecnATox research groups have been recognised by AGAUR as SGR:

2021 SGR 00213 - Nutrition and Metabolic Health - NuMeH
2021 SGR 00105 - Laboratori de Toxicologia i Salut Mediambiental - LTSM
2021 SGR 00149 - Recerca en Neurocomportament i Salut - NEUROLAB
2021 SGR 00738 - Environmental Analysis and Management using Computer Aided Process Engineering - AGACAPE