Dr. Roberta Carafa receives an award from the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office

Posted on 02-06-2022


Dr. Roberta Carafa, former postdoctoral reseacher of TecnATox, was awarded in the First Edition of the Awards for the Best Invention Protected by Industrial Property Rights, organized by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas, OEPM). The ceremony was chaired by the Spanish Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Ms. María Reyes Maroto, and took place in the gardens of the School of Industrial Organization, Madrid.

Dr. Carafa received her recognition as a mention in the Utility Model category, as a result of the development of a sampling device to analyze micro and nanoplastic in oceans and rivers, of potential application in environmental management of water quality. The authors of the model are Dr. Roberta Carafa -who has received the award- together with Dr. Jordi Sierra, Dr. Jaume Folch and Nora Expósito, all of them supervised by Prof. Marta Schuhmacher.

The device was developed in the framework of the projects TOXMIC, which was funded by ACCIÓ under the TecnioSpring PLUS program (TECSPR17-1-0012, 2018-2020), and INSPECTION (2019PROD00113), financed by AGAUR and FEDER (EMC/1434/2019, 2020-2022).