Attending the SETAC Europe 32nd Annual Meeting

Posted on 23-05-2022


In 15-19 May 2022, several researchers of TecnaTox attended the SETAC Europe 32nd Annual Meeting, which was held in the city of Cophenhagen, Denmark. The conference was a nice opportunity for all them to meet other scientists working on environmental health and start new collaborations. In addition to the scientific work, researchers could also enjoy the beauty of the city, including a visit to The Little Mermaid.

The full list of presentations is here detailed:

Indoor Concentrations of Flame-Retardants in Spanish Environments: A Multimedia Modelling Approach Joaquim Rovira, Roser Esplugas, Vikas Kumar, Montse Mari, José L. Domingo and Marta Schuhmacher.

Can Microplastics in Molluscs to Have a Potential Risks for Human Health of Catalonia Coast Habitants? Nora Expósito Lorenzo, Joaquim Rovira, Jordi Sierra, Gemma Giménez, José Luis Domingo and Marta Schuhmacher.

In Vitro Neurotoxic Effects of Emerging Flame Retardants at Non-Cytotoxic Concentrations on Neuroblastoma Cells Roser Esplugas, Victòria Linares, Montserrat Bellés, José L. Domingo and Marta Schuhmacher.

Is There Any Potential Role of Essential and Toxic Trace Elements on COVID-19 Infection? An Observational Study in Catalonia (Spain) Montse Marquès, Noemí Serra, Simona Iftimie, Jordi Camps, Jorge Joven and José L. Domingo.

Evaluation of Aromatic Amines Levels in Textile Products From Spain and Brazil Marilia Souza, Nieves González, Marta Herrero, Montse Marquès, Martí Nadal, Fernando Barbosa Junior and José L. Domingo.

Is There Any Potential Role of Endocrine Disruptors on the Development of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus? A Pilot Study of INSULIN Cohort (Catalonia, Spain) Montse Marquès, Pablo Gago Ferrero, Elena Sánchez-Resino, Rubén Gil-Solsona, Daniel Gutiérrez-Martín, Núria Taltavull, Montserrat Ingles, Miriam Romeu, Ana Megía, Adrian Covaci and José L. Domingo.

Breastfeeding Infants' Exposure to Endocrine Disruptors and Neurotoxic Substances: Earlyfood Study Joaquim Rovira, María Ángeles Martínez, Nora Exposito Lorenzo, Montse Mari, Sara Cunha, Jose Fernandes, Antonio Marques, Isa Marmelo, Martí Nadal1, José L. Domingo and Marta Schuhmacher.

Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Model (PBPK) for Three Flame Retardants -TDClPP, TClPP, Tcep- in Animals and Extrapolation to Humans for Risk Assessment Deepika Deepika, Vikas Kumar, José L. Domingo and Marta Schuhmacher.

Early-Life Exposure to Formaldehyde Through Textile Materials Marta Herrero, Nieves González, Joaquim Rovira, Montse Marquès, Martí Nadal and José L. Domingo.