Work with us

TecnATox is looking for a PhD student to apply for an official grant to conduct the PhD in the framework of the project DEM-BIOTA

He/she must have: 

- Degree in health sciences or life sciences (preferably a degree in the area of biochemistry, biomedicine or psychobiology).

- An official master’s degree to be able to enroll in the PhD studies (or a degree that allowed him/her to be able to enroll in the PhD studies as well).

- High average qualification in his/her studies (minimum an 8/10 to be able to apply for an official grant). 

- Finished the degree after January 2017.

- High interest and knowledge in Neuroscience, Biology and more specifically Microbiota.

- High level in English and Spanish/Catalan.

If you are interested in becoming a PhD working in this area, do not miss this opportunity and contact Dr. Margarita Torrente (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).