TecnATox on air

Posted on 03-12-2019

Prof. Maria Teresa Colomina, director of the "Neurotoxicology, Psychopharmacology and Behavioral Science" area of TecnATox, together with researchers from UNED and Universidad de Oviedo, have recently conducted the following radio show: "Multiple influences that shape behavior: Psychoexposome".
The interest in health care and well-being in the European Union is reflected in the main research priorities of the Horizon 2020 Program on social challenges, in which the project Multiple influences that shape behavior: Psychoexposome. Eight research groups from different Spanish Universities participate, including TecnATox from URV, determined to deepen the study of the biological markers of risk of the appearance of life-related diseases and create strategies to reduce the risk factors, in addition of spreading such knowledge nationally and internationally.