Publication of a divulgation book in the field of Alzheimer

Posted on 16-04-2018


Dr. Jaume Folch, researcher of TecnATox, has recently published a book. It is entitled "El naufragi dels records. Què hi ha darrere de malalties com l'Alzheimer?" (The shipwreck of memories. What is behind Alzheimer's disease?). This book explains, with an understandable and at the same time rigorous language, why diseases like this deprive us of memories, emotions, affection. It is also about the most surprising theories in the field of neuroscience and reveals the keys to future therapies. We live an extraordinary moment in the search for new treatments for brain disorders that will open a new era for humanity.

Dr. Jaume Folch will be signing the book in Rambla Catalunya (Tarragona) next April 23, in the framework of Sant Jordi's day.