PETROCOVID study results

Posted on 06-04-2021

The petrocovid study aimed to analyse the psychological effects of living close to a petrochemical complex during the first COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown and the potential negative interaction of the closeness to the petrochemical complex in the adverse COVID-19 effects.

The study was addressed by analysing the answer to a survey of 1607 subjects in relation the distance from the petrochemical focus of their residence. COVID-19 adverse effects (stress, impulsivity, anxious and depressive symptoms) were found to be mostly related to job lost and lockdown conditions (living with children, to be full or almost full confined), pointing to important negative effects on the mental health due to the lockdown conditions and to the economic outcomes. No psychological negative effects or no worsening of COVID-19 effects were found to be related to the closeness to a petrochemical complex. However, we cannot conclude that no psychological negative effect exists because they can be masked by the massive COVID-19 effects.

We invite you to read our recent publication: 

Vicens P, Heredia L, Bustamante E, Pérez Y, Domingo JL, Torrente M (2021) Does living close to a petrochemical complex increase the adverse psychological effects of the COVID-19 lockdown? PLOS ONE 16(3): e0249058.