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Posted on 03-08-2020

Augusto S, Ratola N, Tarín-Carrasco P, Jiménez-Guerrero P, Turco M, Schuhmacher M, Costa S, Teixeira JP, Costa C. Population exposure to particulate-matter and related mortality due to the Portuguese wildfires in October 2017 driven by storm Ophelia. Environ Int. 2020, 144:106056.
Katsanou ES, Batakis P, Spyropoulou A, Schreiber E, Bovee T, Torrente M, Gómez MM, Kumar V, Domingo JL, Machera K. Maternal exposure to mixtures of dienestrol, linuron and flutamide Part II: Endocrine-related gene expression assessment on male offspring rat testes. Food Chem Toxicol. 2020 Jul 29:111603.