Investigating the swordfish population in the Western Mediterranean

Posted on 28-02-2022


Dr. Montse Marquès has just published a new collaborative manuscript in Marine Pollution Bulletin, co-authored by researchers from the University of Girona and several French research institutions. The study, which was focused on the swordfish of the Catalan Sea, applied a multi method approach that considers their diet, their liver lipid content, and mercury accumulation in their bodies as well as in their prey. The aim was to highlight the links between trophic ecology, physiology (fish condition), and eco-toxicology.

Biton-Porsmoguer S, Bănaru D, Harmelin-Vivien M, Béarez P, Bouchoucha M, Marco-Miralles F, Marquès M, Lloret J. A study of trophic structure, physiological condition and mercury biomagnification in swordfish (Xiphias gladius): Evidence of unfavourable conditions for the swordfish population in the Western Mediterranean. Mar Pollut Bull. 2022; 176: 113411