Posted on 24-10-2019

FEM RECERCA! is a programme of URV to awake vocations, encouraging interest in research and its application, for university studies, as well as exemplifying its viability and importance, and the multiple applications that the knowledge offered by a degree generates in the field of research.
Part of the Ecotoxicology team of TecnATox is carrying out six sessions of the workshop "Com estudiem els rols ambientals de les microalgues" (How we study the environmental role of microalgae) adressed to high school students.
This workshop revolves around microalgae and two of their environmental roles: i) as organisms affected by environmental conditions; ii) as producers of toxic substances. In the framework of this activity, attendees will learn about the use of chromatography and pigments to study the biodiversity of the natural communities. Subsequently, an ecotoxicity test based on microalgae will be applied, and finally, they will know how to analyze reported data from molecular analysis to identify species.