Advanced research on microplastics in the environment

Posted on 05-10-2022


Pollution by microplastics is one of the most important environmental problems that humans face right now. In this line, researchers of TecnATox have just published a new article on this topic in the journal Water Research. The study focused on analyzing the concentration, morphology, and composition of microplastics in a drinking water treatment plant located close to Barcelona. The overall removal efficiency of the plant was calculated in more than 98%. According to their estimations, the intake of microplastics through drinking water would not be an important route compared to fish and seafood ingestion.

Dronjak L, Exposito N, Rovira J, Florencio K, Emiliano P, Corzo B, Schuhmacher M, Valero F, Sierra J. Screening of microplastics in water and sludge lines of a drinking water treatment plant in Catalonia, Spain. Water Res. 2022: 119185