May 2017


Institutions and companies related to TecnATox

Private Entities

Uniland Cementera S.A. CEMEX S.A. Alcanar facility (Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain)
CEMEX S.A. Sant Feliu facility (Barcelona) LAFARGE S.A
LABAQUA Alicant - Agbar group Gas Natural SDG, Ercros Industrial, S.A Tractament i Selecció de Residus, S.A. (TERSA)
Caixa de Sabadell Foundation Mapfre Foundation
  Caixa de Barcelona Foundation Bosch i Gimpera Foundation. University of Barcelona
  Foro Mundial Soria 21 Assivan S.L.
Ambient Servei S.L. Suport Serveis Ambientals
Sabaté S.L. Instal·lacions i Muntatges HINCOSA
DOVER Blau Consultors S.L.
Appel Catering S.L. Coop. Olivarera Baix Ebre
  Asociación Nuclear Ascó - Vandellòs (ANACNV) Atlas Gestión Medioambiental S.A.



Public Entities

National Institute of Hygiene and Safety in Workplaces Department of Environment
ACC1Ó- CIDEM-COPCA Generalitat de Catalunya Ministry of Industry,Tourism and Trade
Waste Agency of Catalonia (RCA). Generalitat de Catalunya Catalan Agency of Water (ACA) Generalitat de Catalunya
  Department of Health and Social Security Generalitat de Catalunya Catalan Agency of Food Saftey (ACSA)
Ministry of Science and Technology Interdepartmental Commission of Technological Research and Innovation
  Interministerial Commission of Science and Technology   Healthy Investigation Fund
Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional (AECI)   County Council of Tarragona
Regional Council of Priorat Regional Council of Baix Ebre


Posted on 01-08-2012