June 2018


Two new scientific articles on an emerging area: Textiles

TecnATox researchers have recently published two new articles on the potential risk of textiles for the human health. It is an emerging area, in which scientific knowledge is very limited.


Rovira, J., Nadal, M., Schuhmacher, M., Domingo, J.L. Trace elements in skin-contact clothes and migration to artificial sweat: Risk assessment of human dermal exposure (2017) Textile Research Journal, 87 (6), pp. 726-738.

Rovira, J., Nadal, M., Schuhmacher, M., Domingo, J.L.  Home textile as a potential pathway for dermal expsure to trace elements: assessment of health risks (2017) The Journal of the Textile Institute, in press.

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Posted on 22-03-2017