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13-09-2015 to 16-09-2015

03-05-2015 to 07-05-2015

28-10-2014 to 28-10-2014

20-10-2014 to 21-10-2014

Final SCARCE International Conference

Final SCARCE International Conference: RIVER CONSERVATION UNDER WATER SCARCITY. Integration of water quantity and quality in Iberian Rivers under global change. Link

11-05-2014 to 15-05-2014

SETAC Europe 24th Annual Meeting



Session: Novel approaches to incorporate in vitro bioassays in risk assessment
Title: Size-segregated characteriztion and toxicity of atmospheric particles near a cement plant in Catalonia, Spain.
Authors: J Rovira, J Sierra, E Martí, N Roig, M Mari, Nadal M, M Schuhmacher, JL Domingo
Room: Exhibition Hall



Session: Environmental biodegradation rates and pathways: Dependence on environmental conditions
Title: Climate change effects on PAH photodegradatoins in Mediterranean soils: A pilot study
Authors: M Marquès, M Mari, M Schuhmacher, JL Domingo, M Nadal
Session: Recent advances and critical future research directions for poly- and perfluorinated alkyl substances (PFASs)
Title: Distribution and elimination parameters of PFASs using a physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) model
Authors: F Fàbrega, V Vikas, M Nadal, E Benfenati, M Schuhmacher, JL Domingo
Room: Exhibition Hall



Session: What do we know about the effects of multiple stressors and community responses on aquatic ecosystems?
Title: Improving the WFD purposes by the incorporation of ecotoxicity tests and the assessment of pollutants availability.
Authors: N Roig, J Sierra, M Nadal, I Moreno-Garrido, E Nieto, M Hampel, JL Domingo, M Schuhmacher, J Blasco
Room: Shanghai 3/4
Start Time: 8:35 AM

03-04-2014 to 03-04-2014

Doctoral Thesis

Rubab Fatima Bangash, TecnATox member, will defend her doctoral thesis entitled: "ANALYSIS OF CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACT ON HYDROLOGICAL ECOSYSTEM SERVICES AND WATER ALLOCATION IN WATER SCARCE MEDITERRANEAN RIVER BASINS" next Thursday, 3rd April 2014, at 12.00h in Sala de Graus, ETSEQ.

08-04-2014 to 09-04-2014

XXII Scientific Course

 XXII Scientific Course is organized by Mediterrània-CIE and directed by URV researchers. Link

07-09-2014 to 10-09-2014

31-08-2014 to 05-09-2014

Dioxin 2014

Dr. Martí Nadal will participate in the 34th International Symposium on Halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants -Dioxin 2014- as member of the Scientific Committee. The conference will be held from August 31 to September 5, in Madrid, Spain

07-10-2014 to 09-10-2014

25-11-2013 to 27-11-2013

30-10-2013 to 30-10-2013

Isabel Martorell. Presentation and Defense of a Doctoral Thesis

Evolució temporal de la ingesta dietética de contaminants ambientals per la població catalana. Estudis de dieta total i duplicada.

25-10-2013 to 25-10-2013

Jordi Blanco. Presentation and Defense of a Doctoral Thesis

Study of thyroid hormone disruption by the environmental contaminant BDE-99 in perinatal rats

20-06-2013 to 21-06-2013

17-06-2013 to 17-06-2013

12-05-2013 to 16-05-2013



Neuroprobabilistic Integrated Risk Index of Chemical Aquatic Pollution (IRICAP): Case studies in Spanish river basins.
F. Fàbrega; V. Kumar, A. Ginebreda, M. Schuhmacher, JL. Domingo M. Nadal
Platform presentation; Wednesday, 15th.

An integrated study of metals behaviour in stream ecosystems.
N. Roig; J. Sierra; J. Ortiz; G. Merseburger; M. Nadal; M. Schuhmacher; JL. Domingo
Platform presentation; Wednesday, 15th.


Physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modelling of PBDEs in
breast milk women living in an e-waste recycling area.
F. Fàbrega; V. Kumar, M. Nadal JL. Domingo M. Schuhmacher. Poster, Exhibition Hall; Monday, 13th.

Amendment of soils with compost and pig manure. Effects on soil functioning and human risk assesment.
N. Roig; M. Mari; E. Martí; J. Sierra; M. Nadal; C. Ortiz; M. Schuhmacher; JL. Domingo. Poster, Exhibition Hall; Tuesday, 14th.

Classification of freshwater ecosystem functions in Mediterranean river basins.
R. F. Bangash, V. Kumar, M. Marquès, M. Sanchez-Canales, F. J. Elorza, V. Acuña, M. Schuhmacher. Poster, Exhibition Hall, Tuesday May 14th, 2013.

Risk assessment of water scarcity in a low flow Mediterranean river basin due to climate chang.
M. Marquès; R.F. Bangash; V. Kumar; M. Schuhmacher. Poster, Exhibition Hall, Tuesday May 14th, 2013.

Uncertainty analysis of a Physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) model parameters for PCDD.
F. Fàbrega; V. Kumar, M. Nadal JL. Domingo M. Schuhmacher. Poster, Exhibition Hall; Thursday, 16th.


20-03-2013 to 20-03-2013

Doctoral thesis. Joaquim Rovira.

On March 20 at noon, Joaquim Rovira will present his doctoral thesis (PhD) entitled: Impact of the alternative fuels implementation in cement plants on human health
Place: Sala de Graus, School of Medicine, URV. Reus.

13-03-2013 to 15-03-2013


TecnATox will lead the scientific course organized by Mediterrània

On the other hand, Dr. Neus Roig, TecnATox member, will talk about "Chemical and biological quality of the Francolí river basin".

For more information, see attached brochure:

Scientific Course Mediterània 2013.pdf

13-03-2013 to 17-03-2013

Hall of Education

TecnATox participates in the Hall of Education (13 -17 March 2013). Barcelona.

04-03-2013 to 04-03-2013

TecnATox Poster Program. Environmental Health 2013 in Boston.


Airborne levels of POPs near a municipal solid waste incinerator. Passive sampling and human health risk assessment

Programme number



Poster session 1

Presenting time

 March 4th, 1.15pm - 2.30pm



Human health risks of implementing refuse-derived fuel in the cement production

Programme number



Poster session 1

Presenting time

 March 4th, 1.15pm - 2.30pm

QR codes can be used in this congress. "Poster in my Pocket" (iOs/Android).

Web link

23-11-2012 to 23-11-2012

Thesis defense of Neus Roig

Titlel: Application of ecotoxicological techniques in various environmental matrices. Viability and complementarity.
Co-directors: Marta Schuhmacher, Jordi Sierra, Martí Nadal
Place: Conference room, ETSEQ
On 23 November at 12h

06-11-2012 to 06-11-2012

"Alzheimer's disease and how it affects the family"

Within the cycle of Lectures, organizes by the Center for Reading on Alzheimer Reus with the participation of Alzheimer's Association Reus and Baix Camp.

Tuesday, 6th November at 19:30h.

Talk: "The disease of Alzheimers's and how it affects the family".

By Margarita Torrente (psychologist and neuropsychologist) TecnATox member.

In the projection room.

23-01-2013 to 23-01-2013

TDS-EXPOSURE: WP3 meetings.

Dr. Gemma Perelló will attend the next meeting of the TDS-Exposure.

Be held on January 23 in Maisons-Alfort (France)

04-03-2013 to 08-03-2013

EuroFIR13 conference

EuroFIR - Your source of food information

As an international non-profit association, EuroFIR AISBL is your source for best available food information, including all European food composition databases.
We provides a unique range of standardized food information for individuals or organizations, such as dietitians, researchers, students, industry, software developers, public sector funding bodies, regulators and academia.
All members will have simultaneous access to a large set of classical and specialized food composition databases as well as to complementary tools/food information.

More on: 

18-10-2012 to 18-10-2012

First newsletter TDS-Exposure

TDS-Exposure is an ambitious research project aiming for better measurement of intakes of contaminants and nutrients in our diet. The kick-off meeting, held in Paris in February 2012.

First newsletter TDS-Exposure.pdf

22-10-2012 to 23-10-2012

CEREBRAD. First annual meeting.

First Annual Meeting of the European Project: Cognitive and cerebrovascular effects induced by low dose ionising radiation (Tarragona, 22-23 October 2012).


16-10-2012 to 16-10-2012


Professor Jose L. Domingo, Director of TECNATOX has been invited as keynote speaker of the fourth session of the GULBENKIAN SEMINAR SERIEES ON THE FUTURE OF FOOD – HEALTH ENVIRONMENT AND ECONOMY, a project of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal.

The proposed theme for the fourth Seminar is “Food, Fisheries and Environment” and will be held at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon on 16th October, 2012. Link

The title of the Professor’s Domingo presentation is “Balancing benefits and risks of fish consumption.The role of nutrients and environmental pollutants.”


21-09-2012 to 21-09-2012

I Conference of Alzheimer Reus and Baix Camp

The conference will take place in the training room of the Hospital Sant Joan de Reus.

With the participation of Margarita Torrente, Member TecnATox.

Inscription is free

I Conference d'Alzheimer (pdf)

26-11-2012 to 27-11-2012

3rd SCARCE International Conference

Bridging toxicantsstressors and risk-based management under water scarcity.

It will celebrated in València (Spain) from 26-27 November

SCARCE (pdf)