September 2017


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Divulgation of TecnATox research

Dr. Jordi Sierra and Dr. Montse Marquès have recently collaborated with the magazine "FET a TARRAGONA" (Made in Tarragona).

These researchers of TecnATox wrote a divulgation article entitled "El sòl i el sol contra la contaminació" (The soil and the Sun against the pollution). It is about the role of the soil on the photodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and how the climate change will impact on the fate of these environmental pollutants. These findings are rellevant since changes on human health risks have been identified.

The presentation of the next Fet a Tarragona (number 27) will be held next January 24 at 7.30 pm, in Cafè La Cantonada (Tarragona).

Posted on 17-01-2018

Dr. Joaquim Rovira was on air in Radioset

Dr. Joaquim Rovira was interviewed by Radioset. The last findings of TecnATox in textiles area were a topic of concern in the sports program called "Partido a partido" (Match to match).

You can follow the full interview here (34'45'').

Posted on 10-01-2018

New joint publication with the University of São Paulo (Brazil)

Alves RIS, Machado CS, Beda CF, Fregonesi BM, Nadal M, Sierra J, Domingo JL, Segura-Muñoz SI. Water quality assessment of the Pardo River Basin, Brazil: A multivariate approach using limnological parameters, metal concentrations and indicator bacteria. Arch Environ Contam Toxicol. 2018 Jan 5. doi: 10.1007/s00244-017-0493-7.

Posted on 08-01-2018

TecnATOx in media

Dr. Joaquim Rovira, postodoctoral researcher in TecnATox, has recently appeared in several media talking about a topic of interest for the general population.

The last findings regarding to the study of "Human exposure to trace elements throigh the skin by direct contact with clothing" were the reason for these interviews. He has explained that people are exposed to a mixture of additives from textile industry through dermal contact. The harmful effects of some of them are still unknown, while others, such antimony, would be a risk for the human health in case you wear certain clothes - such as those made of polyester - uninterruptedly.


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Posted on 15-12-2017

TecnATox at schools

As a part of the dissemination plan, TecnATox researchers are encouraged to communicate their last findings to both scientific and general population.

Francisco Sánchez-Soberón, PhD student in TecnATox, performed the presentatation entitled "Has the air that we breath a good quality? How to measure and assess it" in the High School "IES Narcís Oller", on last December 5.

Posted on 11-12-2017

TecnATox in "EITB", the Basque Radio-TV

Prof. Josep Lluís Domingo has recently been interviewed by eitb (Euskal Irrati Telebista). He was invited to talk about pollutants and fish, which is a topic of concern for the general public. Prof. Domingo highlighted that fish is a save healthy food item widely present in our diet. However, we have to be aware of which species are the most polluted, according to some charactersitics, such as their level in the trofic chain or location.

You can watch the full interview in the following link.

Posted on 12-12-2017

EuroMix participated in EPAA Partners Forum: Finding synergies for 3Rs TK and read‐across

On November 21st, the EPAA partners met to build synergies on the development and acceptance of Toxicokinetics and read‐across. Held at the Renaissance Brussels Hotel, the EPAA Partners Forum brought together 33 expert participants from industry and EC, along with selected representatives from regulatory agencies and invited researchers from two large EU‐funded projects (EuroMix and  EUToxRisk). Dr. Vikas Kumar from University of Rovira I Virgili (Spain) represented the EuroMix project in this meeting.  Dr. Kumar presented “Toxicokinetics and read across in EuroMix” and discussed how research in EuroMix is helpful for the wider stakeholders and why collaboration is necessary for the society. The Partners Forum held on 2st of November 2017 was part of the EPAA undertakings to address one of 6 challenges as a priority: to Improve intra and inter sectorial collaboration and coordination.

EPAA is a very relevant platform to build synergies across sectors, given its multi‐sectoral structure encompassing different business sectors. Besides exchanging information between sectors about their respective research agendas and activities in the sectorial flagship initiatives, the event was meant as an opportunity for the partners to identify possibilities for synergies, table feedback and scientific input in EPAA. Discussions revolved around 4 balanced sessions aiming at covering the whole spectrum of stakeholders working on TK and read‐across: regulators, the regulated, method developers and downstream users.

At the end of the day, a scientific consensus was achieved on the following four items:

• TK data play an important role in risk assessment across all industry sectors and are subject to significant research effort by all relevant stakeholders

• TK data strengthen the read across weight of evidence; TK data should ideally be anchored towards human relevance, preferably generated using in silico and in vitro tools

• Identification and characterization of Metabolism is a key component of TK assessment in readacross

• The forum expressed confidence that significantly more progress in TK can be made if collaboration between sectors is enhanced and synergies are captured.

Specifically, the participants recommended 3 actions to tackle the use of TK and read‐across methods:

– ACTION 1: Advocate for a TK speciality section within Eurotox

– ACTION 2: Produce and manage a shopping list of open tools (open source, EPAA controlled)

– ACTION 3: Support the dissemination and training event on RVIS planned in early 2019 with TK stakeholders

The participants’ discussion was captured by a scientific writer and a scientific publication is currently under preparation.

Posted on 11-12-2017