December 2017


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SEAFOODTOMORROW: kick-off meeting

Prof. Marta Schuhmacher and Dr. Montse Marquès will attend to the kick-off meeting of SEAFOODTOMORROW project, which will be held in Lisbon (Portugal) on November 21-23.

The main goal of SEAFOODTOMORROW is to strengthen the seafood production and processing industry in Europe by providing validated market-driven and consumer-responsive eco-innovative sustainable solutions  that contribute to food security, mitigate production hazards, contribute to employment and increase consumer awareness of seafood quality and safety. The role of TecnATox will be focused on Risk Assessment (WP3), Life Cycle Assessment (WP4), and the improvement of Fishchoice: a consumer benefit-risk communication tool already developed in ECsafeSEAFOOD project (WP6).

Posted on 16-11-2017

Impact of TecnATox research

The TecnATox publication Rovira J, Nadal M, Schuhmacher M, Domingo JL. Home textile as a potential pathway for dermal exposure to trace elements: assessment of health risks. Environ Res. 2015 Jul;140:308-16. doi: 10.1016/j.envres.2015.03.032. Epub 2015 Apr 16. is in the last press release of the URV digital newspaper. This article concludes that people are exposed to a mixture of additives from textile industry through dermal contact. The harmful effects of some of them are still unknown, while others, such antimony, would be a risk for the human health in case you wear certain clothes uninterruptedly.

Posted on 16-11-2017

TecnATox at schools

As a part of the dissemination plan, TecnATox researchers are currently giving talks to the general population.

Francisco Sánchez-Soberón did the presentatation entitled "Has the air that we breath a good quality? How to measure and assess it" in two High Schools: IES Camí de Mar (Calafell) and IES Torredembarra (Torredembara), on November 10 and 15, respectively.

Posted on 16-11-2017

IISPV celebrated the II Scientific Retreat

IISPV celebrated the second edition of Scientific Retreat 2017 in Poblet Monastery on October 4-5. This is an annual scientific meeting which aims to encourage the participation and interaction between the researchers of the institute, from postdoctoral to consolidated researchers from different areas.

Francisco Sánchez and Dr. Vikas Kumar attended in representation of TecnATox. Francisco gave a talk entitled: "In-vitro metabolomics to evaluate toxicity of PM".

Posted on 06-11-2017

European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing

Dr. Vikas Kumar, director of Systems Toxicology area, will participate in the panel discussion of European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA) meeting on "Toxicokinetics and read across: Finding synergies for 3Rs". The overall aim is the replacement, reduction and refinement (3Rs) of animal use in regulatory testing. It will be held in Brussels on November 21, 2017.

Posted on 30-10-2017

A new paper of TecnATox have been included in pubmed

Rovira J, Domínguez-Morueco N, Nadal M, Schuhmacher M, Domingo JL. Temporal trend in the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons emitted in a big tire landfill fire in Spain: Risc assessment for human health. J Environ Sci Health A Tox Hazard Subst Envrion Eng. 2017 Nov 7:1-8. doi: 10.1080/10934529.2017.1387023

Posted on 16-11-2017

Doctoral thesis defense

Laura Trabalón will defend her doctoral thesis next Monday, 6th November 2017, at 11.30h in Sala de Graus, Faculty of Chemistry, Universitat Rovira i Virgili.

Title: "Seafood as a dietary source of emerging organic contaminants. A case-study in Tarragona County, Spain"

Supervisors: Dr. Eva Pocurull Aixalà, Dr. Francesc Borrull Ballarin, Dr. Martí Nadal Lomas.

This thesis has been performed in the framework of ECsafeSEAFOOD (2013-2017).

Posted on 31-10-2017

Course: Environmental epidemiology in Tarragona County

TecnATox is managing the course Environmental epidemiology in Tarragona County, organized by Mare Terra Fundació Mediterrània. It will take place on November 16th in "sala d'actes" from "Autoritat Portuària de Tarragona".

This year is a significant milestone, since the first edition was held 25 years ago. The price of the course is 25 euros, although it is free for students and unemployed.

If you would like to attend to the XXV Scientific Workshop, please choose one of the following registration options:

1) call to the phone number 977 551 300.

2) sent an email to

3) go to Mediterrània offices.


Hope see you there!

Posted on 25-10-2017